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Apagando Um Cigarro Atrás do Outro 

(Stubbing Out One Cigarette After Another)

Apagando Um Cigarro Atrás do Outro is a collection of short stories and flash fiction. The themes are diverse: the daily life of a successful artist, the daydreaming interludes of a housemaid, a writer going through a crisis of creativity, the collected thoughts of a builder, the life and times of a housewife, a waiter’s dream and a normal day in the life of a painter. In other stories, nature becomes the main character. A small stream, the wind or the rain become the protagonists of delicate fragments and brief narratives.

Apagando um cigarro atrás do outro

ISBN: 978-85-60676-95-8

Publisher: Confraria do Vento

November, 2014

Dimensions : 12 cm x 18 cm

Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Paperback: 140 pages

Category: Short stories/flash fiction 

In Europe, this book is available at: 

"The melancholic yet sophisticated language used by Vasli involves the reader in an intimate and personal journey through memories, expectations and frustrations in this beautiful short story collection."


Capitolina Books 

De passagem 

(Passing By)

De passagem is a collection of Clodie's columns previously published in newspapers and magazines. There are various topics but essentially these fragments address the everyday feelings of people living far from their home country. The book brings together 34 texts that were written in England and abroad, between 2002 and 2012. The longing, the cloudy weather, the dreams, the snow, the joys and sorrows, the rainy days, the letters, being away from family, the return flights, traveling, sunny spring mornings: everything is fleeting.

De passagem

ISBN: 978-1-291-14405-5

February, 2013

Dimensions : 14.5 cm x 21 cm

Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Paperback: 122 pages

Category: Short stories/crônicas

You can order De passagem at: 




If you don't use PayPal, you can buy these books directly from the author. For more details, please write to clodie[at]

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